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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday reading? Try the Beach Book!

If you're packing for holiday and still in the process of deciding what to take for your holiday reading, please consider The Philosopher's Beach Book. It's an easy read, ideal for those new to philosophy. 

The Philosopher’s Beach Book invites you to relax and think; to wiggle your toes in the sand and reflect on the meaning of life. Each of its thirty five short chapters reflects on a question; most existential, some more general. Some are related to holidays; why we take them and what we take on them. Others look at what we take for granted and suggest that we look again.

It's light enough for a holiday read; substantial enough to get you thinking!

Some of the questions this book explores...

Can a heap of sand prevent baldness? / Did you bring your laptop? / Are you predictable? / Does morality add up? / Should you regret being prudent? / Is the universe meaningless? / Would you take a holiday from paradise?  / Is moral relativism absolute? / Would you still bet on God? / Were you ever ‘at home’? / Successful? Ambitious? / Is fairness possible? / Is any theory as good as any other? / Do you believe your own website? / Naked thoughts? / What part does luck play in your life? 

If you click on the above Amazon link to the book, you can 'look inside' and read a sample chapter.

But - whatever you read - enjoy your holiday!

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Not exactly either philosophy or ethics, but I'm into photography and have just posted a set of images of a recent trip to Bali on my website. Take a look -